VIDEO: Resurrectionists – “Break & Enter, Part 2”

Indie folk band Resurrectionists unveils their new video for “Break & Enter Part 2,” a heartrending piece from their album “Now That We Are All Ghosts”. The song is imbued with a melancholic and mellow ambience, characterized by soulful vocals intertwining with a meandering banjo. Lyrically, it grapples with the profound themes of regret over past mistakes and the poignant journey towards acceptance and moving forward. The video reflects this sentiment through its visual storytelling, with a solemn performance while traversing a steel bridge. This poignant imagery is starkly contrasted by the bright, warm hues of the video, creating a reflective atmosphere that embodies the song’s introspective narrative. We dig the title as well. Check out the latest video below:

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