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AUDIO: I, Manifest – “Eyes Sewn Shut feat. Jared Wesley”

Metalcore band I, Manifest has a new single out featuring vocalist Jared Wesley of death metal band Silura. The song is about being haunted by your mistakes and struggling to live with yourself. The breakdowns and growls completely shatter your ego and obliterate any sense of pride you had. I, Manifest is likely working on a full-length project with all

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AUDIO: Slamhaus – “Navigate (feat. Tommy Walton)”

Trip hop producer Slamhaus is back with yet another tune with hip hop artist Tommy Walton. It’s about planning an escape from your current circumstances. You don’t know what’s ahead, but you’re ready to take that chance. Cloudy-dream production follows Walton’s bars to enhance his sense of awe. The two certainly make a good team with Slamhaus’ sonic demeanor and

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AUDIO: SSAANN – “Lay It All Away”

Electronic artist SSAANN’s latest release is a delicate pop tune that blossoms into something sweet and danceable. Spanning over five minutes, the song makes use of vibrant synth melodies and angelic vocals; SSAANN sings about intense feelings for someone whom you’d risk it all for. SSAANN is a versatile electronic artist and each track she crafts is a different flavor

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AUDIO: Brandon Buhr – “Neo Space”

Electronic ambient artist Brandon Buhr has a new EP out. Featuring Dustin Boyer on guitar, each track floats calmly into the next. It’s spacey, droning, and gentle like the title suggests – we’re floating freeform in space against nebulas and celestial bodies. If you’re looking for a reserved but potent experimental listen, Brandon Buhr has you covered. Brandon Buhr ·

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VIDEO: Thatguyeli – “Black Sheep”

Alternative R&B artist ThatguyELI has the video out to his debut single “Black Sheep.” Shot and directed by Deonte Neely, Eli is shown wandering against the Milwaukee skyline and woods in the sunset hours. Only his silhouette is visible, captivating his mysterious artistry. ThatguyELI certainly has a penchant for eccentric expression, and this video is a solid example of his

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VIDEO: Mark J. Soriano – “Been Better”

Rock artist Mark J. Soriano is out with a new single and video today. He’s shown exiting his house, excited to have a good day. But he just keeps running into trouble and getting into it with people. When his ex’s boyfriend goes after him, Mark gets fed up. The song is about figuring out for yourself what makes life

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