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AUDIO: B.J. Fisher – “Scovia”

Singer-songwriter B.J. Fisher dropped a new song this past week. It’s a poignant acoustic tune about the beauty of having a family with someone. Things start casually – you meet as friends like everyone does – and then before you know it you find your hearts inseparable. When life gets complex and sources of joy fade, you’ve always got your

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AUDIO: Dark Psychic – “Hallucination”

Electronic rock duo Dark Psychic released their debut full-length album. It’s a record that puts you right in the world of a computer, full of danceable grooves and jog-friendly riffs. Think TRON, but with the technology of today, radiating a knack for risk and adventure. We definitely hope Dark Psychic create some visuals to go with these songs – it’s

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AUDIO: MNTRY – “Please You”

R&B artist MNTRY’s latest single is about an intimate affair in the bedroom. His goal is to make his lover feel like a million bucks and it feels like a sexual adventure together. He sings with euphoria in a perfect match with the subject matter, emphasizing that he’s hers as long as they’re in the room. We hope to hear

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AUDIO: Will Pfrang – “Box Spring”

Singer-songwriter Will Pfrang, normally known as frontman for pop rock group Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang, is out with a new single from his forthcoming solo record “Oh Boy, You’re A Blessing.” In what he describes as “lake house country” he sings about being back in your childhood surroundings even when it’s merely a shell of what it

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AUDIO: Thomas Xavier – “Go to Church”

House producer Thomas Xavier has his debut two-song EP out on User Friendly Records. The first song is a mid-tempo banger about raving with the holy energy in the air. The second song is a foot-tapper about being on your “G” shit. If you need something to warm you up today, look no further than Thomas Xavier. We hope to

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