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AUDIO: LOVEPeso – “Way Back When”

LOVEPeso, known for being a member of genre-fluid collective Spider Creek, just dropped a new single. This one’s about a past relationship and reminiscing on what you used to have, but now you can’t even call yourselves friends. The feelings are still there but you’ve gone your separate ways, and LOVEPeso grapples with the reckoning through an emotive, keyboard-laden hip

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AUDIO: Dandy L. Freling – “76”

Singer-songwriter Dandy L. Freling’s got a new single out. With a gritty country folk flare, this tune encompasses a character who’s down on their luck with an aching heart, stuck getting blown back by the wind and yearning for the shining sun. The vivid imagery Freling sings of unravels the character and their plight with a galloping tempo. Dandy L.

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AUDIO: Sam Whitten – “Playing Alive”

Singer-songwriter Sam Whitten is out with a new EP. It’s five songs that encompass hazy, emotive indie rock tinged with post-punk and noise pop. Whitten displays a knack for slow but sure buildups in his songs; for example, opening tune “On the Dot” begins with gentle crooning before erupting into shouting and distortion. “At Least I’m Fucked” has a similar

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AUDIO: Beauty Steps – “Peaches”

Beauty Steps is the new project of D’Amato and Robert Weiss, and they’re out with their debut single ahead of forthcoming LP “Show Me Where.” It’s a lucid, passionate dream pop tune adorned by twinkling keys, affectionate voices and funky guitar work that makes you feel like you’re walking on a rainbow into the night sky with your lover. Musicians

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AUDIO: So Zuppy – “Where Did You Go”

Indie pop act So Zuppy dropped a new single today. Continuing his playful, eccentric brand of pop, the artist longs for a friend and wonders where they’ve wandered off to with this tune. There’s always fun to be had with So Zuppy’s melodies, but he embeds sincere and human moments into them at the same time, and that’s what makes

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AUDIO: It Is Dead/Void Me – “It Is Dead/Void Me”

Blackened sludge metal band It Is Dead teamed up with Brazilian blackened crust duo Void Me for a crushing record of antifascist black metal. Three tracks are It Is Dead’s and the other five are Void Me’s, culminating into an uncompromising, fire-breathing, enraged record of heaviness. The shrieks, dark atmospheres and intense riffage rally the masses against all forms of

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