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AUDIO: Grace Weber – “Parachute”

R&B songstress Grace Weber’s second single since her album “A Beautiful Space” is out now. “Parachute” is about falling hard for someone and wishing to be let down carefully like the titular flotation device. Weber brings the romantic swagger, asserting that she deserves to be fallen for with the same intensity. She feels saved by this person and it’s a

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AUDIO: HollowHecatomb – “Procession of Evil”

Industrial rock project HollowHecatomb released a new album on Virtues Label this past week. Incorporating elements of black metal and harsh noise and even hardcore punk, this body of work is dissonant and hellish. The cacophony of many creeds culminates into a truly brutal exhibition – in the best way. German punks Fliehende Sturme contribute on the third track while

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AUDIO: Leechmonger – “Deathwish”

Deathcore band Leechmonger are out with a new record this week. The band brings some of the harshest and most animalistic shrieks we’ve heard all year, coupled with fierce and doomful beatdowns. Lyrics punch into living as a tortured soul, holding in rage, crawling towards death, and giving a huge “fuck you” to lying killer cops. It’s a scornful record

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AUDIO: X Harlow – “Cathars”

Industrial-emo post-punk artist X Harlow has a new album out on Sweat Equity. It’s a dense, abstract record that contemplates the persevering human spirit through calamitous landscapes. Some pieces serve as meditative interludes of gothic waves juxtaposed with medieval chants (“Lost in Her House”, “Metempsychosis”) while other tunes contain more of a pop structure, finding Schmidt lyrically ruminating on secluded

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VIDEO: Avenues – “Lights Out”

Punk rockers Avenues have a new single and video out today. It’s a spooky one; directed by Eric Arsnow and shot in black-and-white, the video finds the band rocking out while zombies and ghosts approaching from outside. The song itself is about the world chewing you up and spitting you out; you had no chance against it. Stay tuned for

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AUDIO: Ben Harold & the Rising – “These Days”

Americana rockers Ben Harold & the Rising are out with their debut album today. It’s a painted picture of adult hardships and confrontations. Harold explores themes of powerlessness, cyclical heartbreak, escaping painful relationships, and departing from one’s former self among other difficult topics. He does so with brutal conviction that radiates across the room, to the point where you want

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