AUDIO: Oliver Hazard – “Northern Lights”

Indie band Oliver Hazard have released their latest EP, “Northern Lights,” on Nettwerk Music Group. The EP features the band’s new track, “Oh Mama Won’t You Write Me,” as well as previously released songs “Two x Four,” “Use Me Up,” and “Fly Right.” Known for their Americana-inspired music, Oliver Hazard bring foot-stomping, sing-along tunes on this project. “Oh Mama Won’t You Write Me” offers a different tone, according to the band. They explained, “The song was written by Devin after the release of 34 N. River. It started out more upbeat, but Mike had the idea to slow it down and focus on the lyrics and vocal harmonies. The song is about believing in something and trusting your instincts, but sometimes we overlook the true value of something in the moment. It’s about looking back on that moment.” Check out the EP below:

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