AUDIO: Trapper Schoepp – “Secrets Of The Breeze”

Singer/songwriter Trapper Schoepp has recently released his new single, “Secrets of the Breeze,” and it’s a beautiful track with a larger than life build. The song is the third single from Schoepp’s upcoming project, and was part of a recording session in Hendersonville, Tennessee, where the band utilized instruments from Johnny Cash’s estate for the tracks. Schoepp’s lyrics are vivid and poignant, delivered with a profound poise that cuts straight to the heart. A rumbling rhythm section accented by mandolins, mellotrons, tin whistles and more give the song its dynamic sound, and an overall epic feel from an emotional standpoint. “Secrets of the Breeze” is just part of a larger body of work, likely due out soon, and if this track is any indication, Schoepp’s upcoming project is one to look out for.

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