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VIDEO: Caley Conway – “All Good Dreamers”

Singer-songwriter Caley Conway recently released her “Only A Dark Cocoon” EP, where she built full songs out of lyrics from Joni Mitchell’s song “The Last Time I Saw Richard.” Her video for the track “All Good Dreamers” is out now, and it’s conceptualized and directed by Ehson Rad (Devil Met Contention). The scene finds Conway seated in hues of blue

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AUDIO: Caley Conway – “Only a Dark Cocoon”

Singer-songwriter Caley Conway returns with a new EP today. These three songs build from lyrics from Joni Mitchell’s “The Last Time I Saw Richard” into full concepts of their own; each song arranges Mitchell’s words into elaborate snapshots, carried by Conway’s feathery yet bold vocals. This lucid exercise is amplified by a substantial orchestra of musicians behind Conway consisting of

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VIDEO: Dinner Set Gang – “Ceiling Fan”

Doomed psych pop band Dinner Set Gang unveiled their video for “Ceiling Fan” from debut EP “La Fata Turchina.” Edited by the band’s own Josh Evert, the visuals consist of archive footage from the 1986 Cleveland Balloonfest. There’s certainly a Lynchian feel here where everything seems so jolly and happy at first but something doesn’t quite seem right. Then there’s

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AUDIO: Dinner Set Gang – “La Fata Turchina”

Doom pop duo Dinner Set Gang have released their debut EP. Beginning with a most ethereal introduction, the EP moves into warm psychedelia that beckons us for a surreal beach journey. “La Fata Turchina” translates to “The Blue Fairy” (from Pinocchio) which feels appropriate for the whimsical lyrics and vivid imagery touching on craving connection, searching for answers, and breaking

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Improvisational song trio Argopelter returned to Boone & Crockett for the first time in over a year and a half as part of their monthly residency there. Joining them for the evening was singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Caley Conway, who did a few Joni Mitchell tunes. Argopelter consists of guitarist Chris Porterfield, bassist Barry Paul Clark, and drummer Devin Drobka. The

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