AUDIO: Ellie Jackson – “Dinner with a Friend / Dream Girl”

Singer-songwriter Ellie Jackson released two singles a few weeks back. “Dinner with a Friend” is a breezy, layered folk pop tune where Jackson contemplates the push and pull between vulnerability and comfortability in relationships, incorporating a sweet hook and affectionate bridge to gracefully convey feelings around the trial-and-error of connection. “Dream Girl” finds Jackson rejecting patriarchal expectations placed upon her, contently living her best life and owing it to no one but herself, taking things at a slower tempo that gets embellished by hovering Omnichord and heavenly backing vocals from Caley Conway. All proceeds on Bandcamp are going toward medical relief for Palestinians and support for Indigenous Tribes. Ellie Jackson pens both songs with a palpably genuine touch; we look forward to seeing what she’ll do in the future!

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