AUDIO: Caley Conway – “Only a Dark Cocoon”

Singer-songwriter Caley Conway returns with a new EP today. These three songs build from lyrics from Joni Mitchell’s “The Last Time I Saw Richard” into full concepts of their own; each song arranges Mitchell’s words into elaborate snapshots, carried by Conway’s feathery yet bold vocals. This lucid exercise is amplified by a substantial orchestra of musicians behind Conway consisting of Barry Clark, Andres Crovetti, Ellie Jackson, Devin Drobka, John Larkin, Treccy MT, D’Amato, Liam O’Brien, Cheston VanHuss and Mike Noyce. The EP’s sound is serene yet assertive, punctuating each scenario with ensnaring contrast. Caley Conway walks us through dark cafes, blowing out candles and growing wings to fly away in her own rendition of Joni Mitchell’s narrative with “Only a Dark Cocoon.” Cover art by Kelly Bolter and Ehson Rad.

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