VIDEO: Caley Conway – “All Good Dreamers”

Singer-songwriter Caley Conway recently released her “Only A Dark Cocoon” EP, where she built full songs out of lyrics from Joni Mitchell’s song “The Last Time I Saw Richard.” Her video for the track “All Good Dreamers” is out now, and it’s conceptualized and directed by Ehson Rad (Devil Met Contention). The scene finds Conway seated in hues of blue and lavender as confetti falls around her; she appears to be the subject of a film shoot with a camera and microphone pointed at her and makeup applied to her face as everyone in the room is all engaging with her at once. A little girl comes and gives her a hug at one point, and then eventually the entire crew leaves, but Conway remains seated as the last few pieces of confetti flutter. It’s a vibrant, surreal production from Caley Conway and Ehson Rad – check it out!

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