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AUDIO: Grayson – “Evergreen”

Singer-songwriter Grayson released her debut EP. There’s three tunes here that lean into a multi-faceted pop sound of both electronic and acoustic flavors. She channels stories about two-faced people (“Jealousy”), a young star with a magnetic aura (“Madeline”) and wishing to touch the sky but being afraid of falling down (“Suspended”). Grayson is a young emerging artist to look out

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AUDIO: Max Segovia – “Just One Act (Can Change the World)”

Singer-songwriter/producer Max Segovia released two new songs recently. The first tune “Just One Act (Can Change the World)” is lovingly crafted with a bed of piano and synths, encouraging the listener to make a difference around them with each small gesture and a little bit at a time. The second tune “Theme From Track & Field” is an instrumental tune

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AUDIO: MD McNally – “Crimes”

Singer-songwriter MD McNally is out with a new record. It’s five songs that incorporate raw, heartful storytelling into a blend of folk, roots rock, country and psychedelia. There are deeply personal lyrical themes of putting the past behind you for good, waiting on a sea change, and battling oneself – all while ceaselessly clinging onto love. Devin Drobka appears on

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AUDIO: 5PM to Nowhere & Matt Froelich – “Forest of Steel”

Singer-songwriterd 5PM to Nowhere and Matt Froelich teamed up for a new single. The tune is nearly seven and a half minutes long and is a rumination on unrequited love and faded bonds. Containing lush harmonies and a gently careening melody, the movement shifts around the five-minute mark with exquisite guitar licks and stomping piano chords taking us down a

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AUDIO: Rich Travis – “BIRDIE”

Singer-songwriter Rich Travis released his debut single this past week. Picking up music later in life, Travis has accumulated many hours in the studio and many open mics under his belt, and now he’s ready to start sharing his music to streaming platforms. “BIRDIE” is a tune with a bluesy stomp and stouthearted punch, featuring Gordon Kirchoff on bass to

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AUDIO: Dandy L. Freling – “76”

Singer-songwriter Dandy L. Freling’s got a new single out. With a gritty country folk flare, this tune encompasses a character who’s down on their luck with an aching heart, stuck getting blown back by the wind and yearning for the shining sun. The vivid imagery Freling sings of unravels the character and their plight with a galloping tempo. Dandy L.

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