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AUDIO: Ra’Sheed Jordan – “Biasego”

Ra’Sheed Jordan is an emerging singer-songwriter who recently flew on our radar. His most recent single takes on a funky pop flavor, finding him singing about having a hard time seeing things from a different perspective because he’s trapped in his own mind. His ego makes him biased, and the past comes to haunt him every time he puts it

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AUDIO: Venturer – “Tune”

Fantasy songwriting project Venturer has a new single out. This one alludes to previous single “Dream Valley”, where a character slips into a dream and follows a lady’s beautiful song of love and memory to guide him through a fear-stricken valley. “Tune” finds him trying to remember that song again, and just when he’s about to give up hope, he

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AUDIO: Wylie Jakobs – “Seven Days”

Singer-songwriter Wylie Jakobs released a new record this past Friday. Written while he was home sick with COVID one week in 2021, the album was conceived as an exercise where Jakobs would write a song a day and see where his instincts would go. The result is a collection of seven tunes that channel deeply emotional and vulnerable subject matter,

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AUDIO: Ben Titus – “2 Years in Review”

Singer-songwriter Ben Titus released his sophomore album this week. Spanning six tunes, this record was written primarily on bass, inspired by a series of challenging personal events that occurred in Titus’ life between 2018 and 2020. There’s a lot of contemplation and processing embedded within these instrumental passages, beginning with meandering and atmospheric material (“Fading”, “The Big Gamble”) before getting

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AUDIO: Jacob Slade – “St. Paul”

Singer-songwriter Jacob Slade has his second single of the year out today. It’s a song about facing internal contradictions and the tiredness that results from not doing so. With Slade’s signature breezy yet potent take on dream pop, “St. Paul” deals with internal work that needs to be done. We look forward to what Jacob Slade’s got in store over

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AUDIO: Emmett Mulrooney & Sean Gerty – “Southside”

Singer-songwriters Emmett Mulrooney and Sean Gerty teamed up for a new single. The alternative pop tune is about being involved with a woman from the south side and she’s on her way over, yet there’s already problems arising between you two. With a flirtatious melody and an attitude that’s not afraid to put everything on the table, Emmett Mulrooney and

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