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AUDIO: Valerie Lighthart – “Savior”

Mystical songstress and pop artist Valerie Lighthart has a new song out today. Produced by Crystal Knives, the tune is cinematic and atmospheric. Her lyrics explore the idea of being lifted up as something that you aren’t but deciding to try on that new identity. It’s got a pump-up attitude and an exciting, personable tempo that will find itself welcome

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AUDIO: Blacktop & Jacob Slade – “As Long As You’d Like”

Bedroom pop artists Blacktop and Jacob Slade teamed up for a song that warms us like a sunrise. It’s dreamy and bright while keeping its composure as the vocalists sing about wanting someone to stay with them all night. The tune’s reverb and shimmering guitars set the tone for intimacy so well; we hope these two guys have more to

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AUDIO: Loud Library – “Shades of Loud”

Alternative pop band Loud Library have a three-song EP out, inspired by the chaos of 2020. They craft interesting structures of harmony, pop fusion, and danceable melody. Each song accomplishes heartfelt emotion and imagination with frequent shifts in tempo and style. Loud Library is a fun band with a unique approach to pop music and we look forward to watching

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AUDIO: 5PM to Nowhere – “Isle of Man”

5PM to Nowhere is the indie pop project of Jacob Webb. He’s out with his debut EP today, and it’s an exceptionally-focused journey through self-discovery, love, and loss. Beginning with the warm and intimate “Renegade,” the record centers piano melodies adorned with percussion and enthusiastic tempo. Sometimes Webb feels lonely; sometimes he doesn’t. He puts us on the shore looking

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