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VIDEO: Keegan Calmes – “Dangerous”

Pop artist Keegan Calmes has the video out from his most recent single “Dangerous.” Shot by Creative Northern, Calmes is shown in the studio performing the song with drummer Timothy Wolf. The song is about risky love that Calmes has struggled to push away, and he puts a face to these emotions with an energetic jam session. It’s a catchy

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‘Look What You’ve Done’ by KRYSTOF Will Definitely Make You Dance And Feel Summery

‘Look What You’ve Done’ is a vibrant new song by KRYSTOF. The track is about the helplessness and loss of control after you fall in love with someone. You can’t help but think about the one and you wish it would stop and at the same time, you never want to feel different again. The artist says, ‘At some point

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AUDIO: Glitch Project – “Bloom”

Glitch Project

Italian female two-piece Glitch Project are sending a shockwave across the indie realm with their latest delivery, ‘Bloom’. It kicks off with a serene opener with a gradual rising synth, taking the listener forward to the vocal. Initially, it isn’t easy to understand the words, but suddenly, the message becomes apparent, and the ladies are speaking about personal encounters. They

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AUDIO: Jacob Slade – “Reassurance”

Singer-songwriter Jacob Slade’s new single is about yearning for validation. It’s a feathery indie pop song; Slade sings of not knowing when he’s doing things right or when he just wants to feel affirmed. He’s on an everlasting mission to find himself in life and that’s why he feels the need to be reclusive at times. It’s a vulnerable one

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AUDIO: Lesser Demon – “Do Better”

Pop duo Lesser Demon’s latest single is about putting your best foot forward. Clocking in at just a minute and a half, it’s a succinct tune that twinkles with chillwave production and hip hop-friendly vocals. It seems to be about trying to save a relationship from falling apart. Stay tuned for more from Lesser Demon in the near future.

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VIDEO: Day Tvvo – “I Hope That You’re Right”

Pop artist Day Tvvo is out with his first single and video of the year. It’s a song about self-doubt in the face of others putting you on a pedestal. You worry about cracking under pressure but regardless try taking your lover’s word for it that one day your dreams come true. The video features Day Tvvo setting up and

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AUDIO: Keegan Calmes – “Dangerous”

Pop artist Keegan Calmes dropped a new single this week. Taking a pop punk direction here, Calmes sings about loving someone who quite frankly isn’t good for him. He’s let them back into his life as they please no matter how hard he tries to get away. With an infectious hook about that warning in his heart, Calmes is tired

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AUDIO: Sabi Pitt – “Change The World”

Sabi Pitt

Sabi Pitt releases another influential release, and he gets his message across in a transparent fashion with ‘Change The World’. Fed up with modern society, Sabi speaks candidly about the harsh truths of contemporary life. But, he cleverly fuses his poignant narrative into a feel-good reggae-pop groove, and his approach leaves an indent for all the right reasons. ‘Change The

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