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AUDIO: Oh Geeez – “Jump Right”

Pop act Oh Geeez return with two new songs this month. Embark on an adventure through “Jump Right” but don’t forget a map and your best friend. “Breathe” encourages you to keep on keeping on and that you’ve always got a friend by your side. Oh Geeez have kept the bright, imaginative pop music alive this year and there’s likely

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AUDIO: Rai Hudson – “Vibe”

Pop artist Rai Hudson’s got a new single out. Taking things into soulful R&B, Hudson sings of feeling things out with someone. The candles are lit and champagne is poured, and now things are feeling right with them. With an atmosphere of temptation, marvelous vocal deliveries and a fire-breathing guitar solo, Rai Hudson’s “Vibe” fills the room with infectious romance.

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AUDIO: HymnWho – “Data”

One thing about HymnWho is that he makes what he feels like making in the moment, never restricting his stylistic palette. His latest single is a smooth jam with a dream pop atmosphere; he’s professing his love for someone here with all the truth and facts leading him to them. It’s a charming, heartfelt moment from HymnWho where he’s assuring

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AUDIO: Holy Pinto – “Us, Married”

Indie pop band Holy Pinto’s got a new single out and it begs to know what it’d be like to take that big leap with someone. You’re ready to take the gamble and cross into the unknown with them because before you know it, you realize that life’s short. It’s a sweet love melody that ascends into a chorus of

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AUDIO: Cloak — “Dream (I Found You)”

The newest single from Cloak, who is described on their Bandcamp as an “Experimental dreamcore artist”, this track certainly is dreamy to its core. From the plodding arpeggios it opens with to the almost chant-like repetition of poetic lyrics, the song keeps the listener’s head in the clouds all the way through. That’s not to say it ever gets boring as

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