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AUDIO: 5PM to Nowhere – “Stoicism”

Alternative pop project 5PM to Nowhere released a new EP today. Jacob Webb embarks on a journey of self-expression and finding peace. He demonstrates a broad pop appeal, utilizing both piano-driven melodies and tranquil electronica. He tenaciously seeks growth through life’s noise, just as the record’s cover art demonstrates. Ditis and Cosmic Sleepovers contribute on “Rumination” and “Emerson,” respectively. 5PM

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AUDIO: Cyrus Chrome – “Drop Down”

Electronic pop artist Cyrus Chrome is a new one to watch. His most recent single has sensibilities of hyperpop and hip hop, carrying a playful demeanor with Chrome looking to attract the attention of someone walking by. The hook is irresistibly fun, perfect for a summer night on the patio with the homies. We look forward to seeing what Cyrus

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AUDIO: Armon Hassan – “Half A Heart”

Alternative pop artist Armon Hassan dropped his first single of the year Friday. It’s a heartbreak song shrouded in deep blue darkness; Hassan sings about wishing to destroy the pain he’s in, feeling like he can’t be saved in his current state. Although palpably sad, Armon Hassan’s new single is cathartic and honest about the profound loneliness that follows split

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AUDIO: The Quilz – “Love Submission”

Synthpop duo The Quilz returned with a new single this week. It’s one about infatuation and desire to be with someone; this person’s your weakness and you’re seeing them through rose-colored glasses. The Quilz have always brought a fresh approach to new wave-esque pop electronica, and “Love Submission” is an infectious new addition. We hope it’s the sign of more

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Midnight Hound is on the Trail

By Bryon Cherry Milwaukee’s Midnight Hound (formerly known as Axehandle Hound) is the city’s premier purveyors of freedom rock. What is freedom rock you may ask? “It’s just a vibe. Come find out,” founding member Dan Kimpel says. If that statement sounds mildly menacing and recklessly fun then you are catching onto the flow of their brand of freedom rock.

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AUDIO: Valerie Lighthart – “Pt. III: The Banshee”

Mystical folk pop artist Valerie Lighthart concludes her “By Moonlight” trilogy with “The Banshee” out now. It’s three songs where Lighthart enters sorcerous electronica territory, even incorporating an 808’s beat juxtaposed with playful wonder in “Walkin’ Slowly.” The EP is one about reclamation, power, and conquering; Lighthart embodies a dominating character who haunts her enemies and cleanses her narrative of

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