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AUDIO: Natasha Vroegindeweij – “Sometimes I Wonder”

With the release of her new and very first single, ‘Sometimes I Wonder’, Natasha Vroegindeweij has us completely besotted. An artist who is still young in terms of her career glues us to the speakers just as compellingly as an artist who has more albums and singles in their discography. Also, she demonstrates that she possesses the quality that has

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AUDIO: Rofi James – “Who Am I To You?”

On their newest single, ‘Who Am I To You?,’ Rofi James demonstrate that they are performing at the top of their game, with their indie-pop creative juices flowing by the barrel load. The band that is on the verge of breaking out is not only representing Ireland but also the genre of indie-pop as a whole. They are bringing the

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 AUDIO: Spectral Display – “Lay All Your Love On Me”

Spectral Display are smashing through the 2022 electronic pop space with their new release, ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’. The track is the first of the year for the group and the perfect opener for the new era! A powerful electronic dance beat leads the way, and Michel, the track’s songwriter, manages to push the group’s sound outside of

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AUDIO: Julia Thomsen – “Wonderness”

With her new composition, ‘Wonderness,’ Julia Thomsen goes out into a world of possibilities. The composer pierces the heartstrings, providing an emotional experience with her ethereal piano structures, sending us on a voyage to utopia. The British music composer has a long list of magnificent compositions, and she has graced the classical radios for several years. The beauty of her

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AUDIO: Madame Black Rose – “Heartsong”

With her newest single, ‘Heartsong’, Madame Black Rose ventures into a rarely explored territory. Furthermore, with her delicate and new-age vocal approach, the singer takes us on a journey, tugging at our heartstrings along the way. Even though the singer is not new to the scene, she still sounds raw and energetic, which is rare these days. Her ability as

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AUDIO: Karuna – “Heartsease”


Karuna are the folk group who like to do it their own way, and it is paying off with their new release, ‘Heartsease’. The track is an ear-opener from the first second but for the right reasons, and it is a showcase of the talent within the up and coming group. All hailing from separate parts of the UK, Karuna,

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AUDIO: Julia Thomsen – “Paradise”

Julia Thomsen

Julia Thomsen is a composer who plucks at the heartstrings with every release she drops, and there is no exception here with her new piece, ‘Paradise’. Relatively short in length, the track still provides a lot of serenity, and it instantly serenades the senses with a soundscape that matches the current season. Furthermore, the musical arrangement blossoms like a spring

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AUDIO: Tanaka Makoni – “The Streets”

Tanaka Makoni is pushing herself more in-depth into the history books with her new release ‘The Streets’. It is a track which speaks for the generation with meaningful lyrics cementing themself profoundly from the get-go. It all kicks off with a gentle overture with Tanaka resonating quickly with her opening melody. Also, the intro carries a serene direction before becoming

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AUDIO: Oscar Merry – “Cower”

Oscar Merry is the Bristol-based rocker who is taking giant leaps with his new release ‘Cower’ taken from his stand out EP ‘Unfurl’. Driving the track forward from the start is a guitar melody which comes with thunderous might. It is anthemic, and it will knock you off your chair with its bite and conviction. We are then in with

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