AUDIO: Ily Tbg – “Meet Me In London”

The premiere of Ily Tbg’s newest track, ‘Meet Me in London’, has left us feeling extremely elated and excited. The new single from the London sensation is an afropop-influenced jewel with a pop texture, and it is sure to go very far as we head into the spring months.

Vocally powerful, Ily tbg demonstrates that he has the quality up his sleeve as he delivers a vocal that is easily on par with the most influential singers of today. He talks about falling in love, first meetings, and adventures that took place in the United Kingdom’s capital city, but you can easily relate to his words regardless of whether you are in London or not!

Ily’s singing and lyrics are just as thought-provoking as his music, and he draws us into the overall experience with a soundscape that has a lot of layers and depths. The beat is infectious, and we can’t help but sway and groove along with it as it proceeds.

You can listen here.

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