AUDIO: Rofi James – “Who Am I To You?”

On their newest single, ‘Who Am I To You?,’ Rofi James demonstrate that they are performing at the top of their game, with their indie-pop creative juices flowing by the barrel load.

The band that is on the verge of breaking out is not only representing Ireland but also the genre of indie-pop as a whole. They are bringing the subgenre back to the forefront of today’s scene, and they do so in a fashionable manner, as this example demonstrates. Ronan Flaherty, the band’s main singer and guitarist, Joseph Flaherty, who plays bass and piano, and Jamie Murray, the band’s drummer, make up the band’s three-piece lineup.

‘Who Am I To You?’ takes hints from some of the biggest tracks from the last decade, but it has a unique quality which instantly stood out to us! Is it the guitar tone dripping in zeal, or is the vocal from Ronan full of crunch and raw energy? Whatever it is, the band have the ingredients to go far, and if they keep dropping hits like this one, they should have no problem pushing further forward!

The track is all about a relationship which has gone a bit sour, and Ronan speaks about the feeling one has when a lover has little interest in us but more interest in friends.

You can listen here.

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