AUDIO: Gary Mictian – “I Die Every Night”

The music producer and songwriter Gary Mictian, who is based in London, UK, has released a new single, ‘I Die Every Night’, in which he dabbles with his trademark electronic-pop sound. The newest arrival from Gary provides the much-needed springtime pick-me-up that we have been looking forward to, and he immediately demonstrates his class.

The release, which has nostalgic air flowing out its pores stands out in the scene with plenty of futuristic components reaching out from the production as well! It is a mishmash of styles, with a retro pop basis melding with an electronic groove to create a unique sound. The song begins in a rather easygoing manner, with a synth leading the way forward before Mictian comes in with his opening vocal lead shortly after.

A one-of-a-kind voyage unfolds, and Gary controls the route with his contagious vocal style. His vocal style has comparisons to that of Conor Maynard; however, he does not replicate any other; rather, Gary merely adds to a style that has been established in the past, all the while providing an abundance of new vitality! The song develops over its entirety, and as it nears its conclusion, it changes direction slightly while also ramping up the intensity.

You can stream here.

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