AUDIO: Madame Black Rose – “Heartsong”

With her newest single, ‘Heartsong’, Madame Black Rose ventures into a rarely explored territory. Furthermore, with her delicate and new-age vocal approach, the singer takes us on a journey, tugging at our heartstrings along the way.

Even though the singer is not new to the scene, she still sounds raw and energetic, which is rare these days. Her ability as a modern musician is also demonstrated by the numerous avenues that develop as the track progresses. Madame Black Rose enters the mix singing with a method that many would compare to that of older times in music in ‘Heartsong,’ which begins with the sound of bells ringing out. Every note is smooth, and the piano bells chime in time with her every line.

Before the refrain, a violin climbs to the top of the sound, and Madame Black Rose pushes forth with absolute confidence. The tune remains mellow throughout, but it gains a fresh lease on life in the middle portion as a drum kick taps away alongside the multitude of other sounds emanating from the compound.

Overall, ‘Heartsong’ is one of those songs that makes its own way to the forefront of contemporary music. The production has a folky vibe, but it isn’t easy to compare it to many other recent releases.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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