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AUDIO: Mujinzo – “Delhi Station Drift”

‘Delhi Station Drift,’ Mujinzo’s latest release, is the type of track that hits you hard the moment you hear it. It’s a track that dabbles in various styles and soothes the soul with a soundscape that draws inspiration from all corners of the musical universe. Mujinzo’s delivery is enthralling, and he goes against the grain of what others might expect.

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AUDIO: Madame Black Rose – “Heartsong”

With her newest single, ‘Heartsong’, Madame Black Rose ventures into a rarely explored territory. Furthermore, with her delicate and new-age vocal approach, the singer takes us on a journey, tugging at our heartstrings along the way. Even though the singer is not new to the scene, she still sounds raw and energetic, which is rare these days. Her ability as

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AUDIO: Victoria Moralez – “Colored Transmission Waves”

Victoria Moralez

Victoria Moralez’s latest single, ‘Colored Transmission Waves’, is a musical exploration. The Swedish singer does not hold back when it comes to her enjoyable performance, with quality taking centre stage right away, and she does not disappoint as she proceeds through her delivery. The singer has had a successful career in recent years, and her confidence is building with each

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