2022 Milwaukee Music Year In Review Presented by Mystery Room Mastering

2022 was a landmark year for Milwaukee’s music scene. While 2021 was still showing the reeling effects of the COVID-19 lockdown, 2022 was the closest to “normal” that we’ve been in a long time, and the music scene once again had to rebuild itself. We’re looking to capture as much of that process as possible, and you can hear it in this year’s 2022 Milwaukee Music Year In Review playlist, presented by the good folks over at Mystery Room Mastering.

In many ways, it was a year of transition, as some acts experienced a resurgence, while others said goodbye, and new names emerged to start the next wave of Milwaukee music. Nearly 300 songs comprise this year’s playlist, and we recommend that you put this on shuffle and let it play you into 2023. There is a lot on the horizon for Milwaukee musicians and fans to look forward to, so get ready for a wild year once again, and let’s celebrate our music scene with the extensive playlist below. Enjoy!

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