AUDIO: Victoria Moralez – “Colored Transmission Waves”

Victoria Moralez’s latest single, ‘Colored Transmission Waves’, is a musical exploration. The Swedish singer does not hold back when it comes to her enjoyable performance, with quality taking centre stage right away, and she does not disappoint as she proceeds through her delivery.

The singer has had a successful career in recent years, and her confidence is building with each new release, as evidenced by her latest track. The new route begins with a soulful pop overture with the drums tapping away in the background. Also, Victoria rises to the situation with a gentle and hypnotic vocal performance.

The chorus is captivating, with the soundscape moving and entering a dreamy environment where Victoria’s voice get somewhat more powerful. Given the current state of society and environmental conditions, her storey applies to a wide range of topics. Furthermore, she sings about prior encounters and circumstances and wonders what went wrong.

Even though a lot is going on throughout the track, the excitement does not waver. Moreover, the song’s structure shifts in the last section, where a new sound arises and a new path materialises, which might lead to Victoria’s next release.

Overall, ‘Colored Transmission Waves’ is a sturdy release that will propel Vicotira onward in 2022. It is not a million miles away from her previous release. However, it brings a new era for the artist who is not afraid to try something different and step outside of the comfort zone.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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