AUDIO: Mujinzo – “Delhi Station Drift”

‘Delhi Station Drift,’ Mujinzo’s latest release, is the type of track that hits you hard the moment you hear it. It’s a track that dabbles in various styles and soothes the soul with a soundscape that draws inspiration from all corners of the musical universe.

Mujinzo’s delivery is enthralling, and he goes against the grain of what others might expect. Furthermore, the music is vibrant and stands out on its own, making it difficult to categorise. It begins with a vocal melody that even the most seasoned lyrical translator will find challenging to comprehend. On the other hand, the tones are warm and inviting, and they lead to an exquisite instrumental. However, the overture is simply a taste of the thrills to come.

Furthermore, as the tune progresses, a beat taps away with virulent cadence, causing a frenzy of foot tapping. It features misplaced beats that blend beautifully with the background string accompaniment. The bass also holds it together, with a funky groove protruding from the mix on multiple instances.

It feels like a tour across the world as the structure grows. Furthermore, as we near the end, we enter a segment with many Asian-sounding elements. It makes an impression on us and draws us back in for more!

You can take a listen here.

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