AUDIO: Natasha Vroegindeweij – “Sometimes I Wonder”

With the release of her new and very first single, ‘Sometimes I Wonder’, Natasha Vroegindeweij has us completely besotted. An artist who is still young in terms of her career glues us to the speakers just as compellingly as an artist who has more albums and singles in their discography. Also, she demonstrates that she possesses the quality that has the potential to propel her further in the coming months and years.

When it comes to the music, ‘Sometimes I Wonder’ doesn’t do anything especially groundbreaking, as it generally follows the same structural course throughout. However, something new about it gives one goosebump that shoots up to the top of the head and causes one to feel as though they are flying. Is it the vocal? Or might it be the calm setting that the voices place themselves in? Both aspects are essential to us, and the entire track is filled with scenic splendour from start to finish.

Natasha possesses a voice that brings to mind not just some of the best vocalists working in the industry now but also some of the best singers from years ago. She has a warm character with her tones, and her timbre overlays itself with crystal clear diction, enabling us to genuinely feel what she is saying in every word she delivers. In addition, she is very open and honest about her cognitive processes, pondering the meaning of life for her, her experiences, and the various possible future outcomes.

You can hear ‘Sometimes I Wonder’ here.

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