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D.B. Rouse Live at the Backyard in Bayview

In support of his recent three singles, D.B. will play you an outdoor show… but he’ll also play other songs too. Songs like ‘Stabby, the Hobo’, ‘Hobo in a Rowboat’, ‘Pug with Opposable Thumbs’, ‘The Only Designated Driver in Milwaukee is Having a Pity Party’, and ‘Valentine’s Day at the Pawn Shop’. You won’t want to miss it. He’ll know.

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D.B. Rouse Live at Thurmans 15

D.B. Rouse and Thurmans 15… together at last. Come play kazoo and sing along with one of Milwaukee’s premiere self proclaimed hobo folk musicians…. Featuring special appearances by Maggie R. 9 pm – 1 am.

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Twin Peaks bring Garage Rock back to life

My dad used to tell me “back in his day” (the ’80s) at concerts and weddings him and his friends would mosh to songs like the Violent Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun.” I always could picture this, but last night the image of this came to life at Turner Hall. Twin Peaks, hailing from Chicago (the drummer wore the Cubs shirt

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2014: Milwaukee’s Music Scene In Review

It’s the time of year where everybody gets all sentimental about the past twelve months, and I figured I would throw in my two cents, as well. And I’ll say something that’s going to seem bold to some and will cause others to groan, but it’s truly how I feel about the Milwaukee music scene right now… Something is really

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Comet Tales Interview 2/4/13.

Another post with Comet Tales, Samer Ghani gives details on the beginning and progression of solo project. Me: What is Comet Tales about? Samer: Comet Tales is really a rebirth of myself, as a musician, but more importantly as a person. The years 18-21, have seriously been the worst fucking years of my life. Broken down and left behind by

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Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 12/21/12 – The Championship

Are you a Milwaukee musician/band? You can submit your music to be the Milwaukee Artist of the Week by emailing links to info@BreakingAndEntering.net. We’ll check out every submission we get! Well, according the Mayans, today is the end of the world. Hope you all had fun. They’re probably wrong, though, so that’s good. If for some reason they aren’t wrong,

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