Comet Tales Interview 2/4/13.

Another post with Comet Tales, Samer Ghani gives details on the beginning and progression of solo project.

Me: What is Comet Tales about?

Samer: Comet Tales is really a rebirth of myself, as a musician, but more importantly as a person. The years 18-21, have seriously been the worst fucking years of my life. Broken down and left behind by family, life long friends, and at a loss of identity…I became a ghost and drifted. Bands came and went, and I was still at square one. Dealing with that, depression and insomnia kicked in…And that’s when it hit me. That’s why its a solo project, it’s so raw, and vulnerable. The things I’ve been creating in the studio are simply me, without any extension of re-editions from other ears. And the name kinda came along with it.

Me: Where do you see comet tales in the next year?

Samer: On stages, in ear buds.

Me: What influenced the music behind comet tales?

Samer: Other than bands; like Angels and Airwaves, and Owl City, truthfully the people around me. The energy, the passion. I see so much talent in the ones close to me, but their so afraid to show it. Let alone, the talent I see in people every day. Those are the catalysts that keep me going. Anyone can do anything, really. You really just need to believe in yourself. It’s so cliche to hear, and to say. And it’s cliche to say that it’s cliche, but I wonder how different music, and art, love and life would be, if people did what made them happy, without all the hear-say and bullshit that drags us down. Don’t get me wrong, we need that, sometimes we need to be like marines and just get broken down, so we build up stronger. But if we all had the ambition, and confidence to make those first steps. What a world to live in.

Another thing you may not know about Comet Tales, is that the passion is truly in Samer Ghani, you can check out some of his poetry/writing here.

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