Twin Peaks bring Garage Rock back to life

My dad used to tell me “back in his day” (the ’80s) at concerts and weddings him and his friends would mosh to songs like the Violent Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun.” I always could picture this, but last night the image of this came to life at Turner Hall. Twin Peaks, hailing from Chicago (the drummer wore the Cubs shirt to prove it), packed the house with people ready to jam out to their punk, garage rock music.

The band opened up with “Butterfly” and immediately people started to go crazy. The whole front part of the crowd was moshing. It kind of came out of left field for me since I’ve never seen the band live before. Anyways, us folk not brave enough to be thrashed around just looked like bobble-heads in the audience, bopping around to their tunes.

The band rocked on stage to their tunes like “Telephone,”Keep it Together,” “Making Breakfast” and “Holding Roses.” Every song they played through, they killed it. Each band member shows so much talent in every song, and almost all   of the band members have multiple roles in the band. The keyboard player totally impressed, switching from keys to guitar to singing. Three of the other members switched out singing each of the songs, making me fall in love with the concept of no “lead” singer. It also amazes me that all the band members are talented enough to shine in songs.


Photo by Melissa Miller

The band doesn’t have a ton of audience interaction throughout their songs, because they are just focused on rocking. If there was only one audience member in the crowd, I’m sure they would play the same way. Twin Peaks jam out and do their thing on stage, and I appreciate it. The band was licking their guitars, head-banging and feeling their own music. They didn’t need a fancy light show or crazy tricks, because they put on a great show just by performing the shit out of their songs, making the audience jam out like crazy.

The audience continued to mosh throughout the show, not looking even a little bit tired. The band asked a few times, “Are you guys good?” Once they got the scream of approval, they continued onto their set.

After playing around 10 or so songs, Twin Peaks left the stage. The crowd screamed “One more song” as expected, and the band immediately came back out to rock out a few more for Milwaukee. They played crowd favorites, “Wanted You” and “Strawberry Smoothie.” This got the crowd going off the walls. They were throwing full beer cans, which to me is a waste of beer, but people didn’t seem to mind. The audience also started to crowd surf during the encore, bringing us to the highlight of the concert. When Twin Peaks acknowledged this, they encouraged it by saying “everyone come up,” and allowed the fans to fill the entire stage to jam out to the last song.

It was the perfect way to end their concert. They definitely left the audience full of energy and adrenaline, making them excited about this past performance and hopefully future performances in Milwaukee will bring the same energy. 



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