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VIDEO: Diet Lite – “Chopsticks Alarmclock”

Garage punks Diet Lite have a new video out from their recent record “Seems To Be The Way It Tends To Go.” Directed by Alex Niemann, the boys goof off against the Milwaukee skyline hitting cowbell, standing on pillars, and strutting their stuff. Someone had to have walked by as they were filming and thought to themselves, “what the hell

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VIDEO: Mud Dog – “Bite Down”

Hardcore punks Mud Dog originally premiered their most recent video on Hardcore Worldwide in November, but now they have it on their own channel. Some guys are shown entering a house for a ghost search. The boom mic dude picks something up and it turns out to be “Bite Down” from their last record “Extinction.” Chaos ensues and Mud Dog

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VIDEO: Direct Hit! – “Hollow Comfort”

Punk rockers Direct Hit! have a new single and video out; it’s their first effort with a new five-piece lineup. It’s a song about how lonely and insignificant we feel as a result of comparing ourselves to others through the Internet; it ponders what life would be like if we just shut our virtual validation system off. The video is

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AUDIO: Indonesian Junk – “Living in a Nightmare”

Glam punks Indonesian Junk have their new record out on Rum Bar Records to say “fuck this past year.” Written and recorded entirely during quarantine, the band rocks with bottled-up vigor powerful enough to mentally put you front row for them with each song. Confronting social issues on some tunes while fanning the flames of love on others, Daniel James’

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‘I Wish I Could Feel Nothing’ By Ely Waves Is About Never Giving Up When Life Beats And Breaks You Down

A 23-year old artist from Ohio, Ely Waves started his rap journey by dropping singles on SoundCloud in 2016. After his two-year hiatus, Ely found some traction with his music, specifically with songs like ‘I Wish U Would Call Me,’ ‘I Just’, and ‘Just Hold Me.’ Ely’s music is inspired by a wide range of genres, from hip-hop and lo-fi

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AUDIO: Ope – “Is This Thing On?”

Punk band Ope have had a productive year thus far; this is their fourth EP already and it’s only March. Consisting of two songs and three interludes, the band channel their existential dread from several angles. The first song, the title track, is a cover of The Promise Ring begging Delaware to check their air supply while the second song

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