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AUDIO: Tinyhands – “Tits Up!”

Folk punk project Tinyhands dissolved a couple years back, but they had one album in the chamber that never got released – until now. They’re back with a batch of stripped-down folk tunes containing metaphoric lyricism and forthright sentiments. Songs touch on trying to be better with your words, struggling with feelings, walking past people judging you, and being over

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AUDIO: Gorilla Knifefight – “Fear Factor”

Solo hardcore punk project Gorilla Knifefight released a new ripper this week. Matt Glassel rages about the fear that the system oppresses us with, whether it’s via guns and badges or endless lies. But we have our voices and love is worth fighting for, so never give up. It’ll be on an upcoming split tape and proceeds from the track

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AUDIO: Reality Check & Tr3y 5ive – “Split”

Hardcore punk bands Reality Check and Tr3y 5ive joined forces for a four-song split EP. With two songs each, both bands bring riffing rampage and brutal breakdowns; Reality Check rage about someone who’s fake and full of shit in “Counterfeit” while “Settle the Score” confronts worker exploitation and suffering under the system, and then Tr3y 5ive accost impending death with

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AUDIO: Mertles Acres – “The American Dream EP”

Rock and roll band Mertles Acres have a new EP out. It’s six tracks full of punk-tinged power pop sensibilities. These songs confront feelings of collapse, loneliness, and losing control themed with the American Dream – being told you can do it all yourself when really you need others. The facade of American self-determination has been getting exposed – leaving

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AUDIO: Slogan Boy – “6 Track CS”

Hardcore punks Slogan Boy dropped a new tape featuring six tracks – two old ones, two new ones, and two covers. The covers are from Circle One and Reagan Youth. If you like blistering and unabashed Midwest punk, look no further – Slogan Boy aren’t putting up with the racist, classist, hatemongering bullshit. Stay tuned for their upcoming debut full-length

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AUDIO: Curbsitter – “Grip on Reality”

Punk rockers Curbsitter are back with a new record. It’s six tracks of ass-kicking punk, ripping about things from your body growing mold to nobody being meant to be pigs to being around your friends. There’s a keen sense of urgency here, feeding the vigor of frantic vocals and flush riffs. Curbsitter will be delivering this energy live this summer,

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