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VIDEO: Ceteri – “Bloodshot”

Pop punks Ceteri have a new video out from last year’s album “Tough Shit.” It’s shot by Kyle Johnson and features the band doing an outdoor show, with illustrations from Russ Nadasdy weaved in. The song’s about living one miserable day after another, and you just can’t seem to break the pattern. Ceteri tackle the vicious cycle of just another

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AUDIO: Honey Creek – “Midwest Summer”

Pop punks Honey Creek have a new single out today. It’s a little jam about touring around as a band in the Midwest, spending your whole summer sleeping on strangers’ floors and waking up to pissed-off texts from your girlfriend. It’s the life you chose yet you’re always left wanting more. The song has subliminal humor to it while remaining

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AUDIO: Bad Year – “Paranoid Failure”

Pop punk band Bad Year’s latest single is about “jumping ship” in a relationship. Things have been rocky lately and the future is looking bleak, so you’re debating whether or not to abandon it. The song makes effective use of the sinking-boat metaphor, giving it all you got while you’re still here, but ultimately knowing the fate that lies ahead.

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AUDIO: Snailtooth – “Mother Earth”

Sludge-punk-doom band Snailtooth have a new record out, back from a fifteen-year hiatus. Beer-soaked and belligerent, these songs feature tortured howls and crushing riffage. We feel like creatures emerging from the decaying soils, out in the open for danger to find us. It’s always exciting when an old band makes a return, and those around for the Wisconsin DIY scene

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