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AUDIO: Genau – “Flowers”

Gothic post-punk duo Genau released their first EP in three years last week. It’s four tunes of cold, shadowy rock that shimmers at many different speeds; “K.S.” kicks things into high gear with punkish energy, then “Talking” slows things down with a patient bass line and chugging, washing riff. With electronic rhythm behind their distorted cacophony, Genau create ethereal darkness

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AUDIO: Enervate – “All Said And Done”

Hardcore punks Enervate dropped their sophomore EP last week. It’s four tracks of ignited riffage, unrelenting headbanging, mighty vocals and crushing breakdowns sure to shake the building. Lyrically these songs confront situations of being over someone else’s shit, shutting the world out, finding your stride in a fucked up world, and looking to stop wasting time. Enervate bash and brawl

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AUDIO: Direct Hit! – “Wasteland”

Punk rockers Direct Hit! dropped a new single this week and it’s all about being alone in the abyss. The band goes full throttle here with blazing riffage and roaring vocals, unhinged by how isolating and futile it is to try and fit in; we’re all just waiting on our impending doom at the end of the day and it’s

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AUDIO: 2 Ball Screwball – “The Voices In My Head EP”

Ska punks 2 Ball Screwball are out with their sophomore EP – their first release since 2017. It’s four fun, energetic tunes that blow off plenty of steam to channel all the spinning thoughts and existential dread. These riffs and hooks have the power to get the crowd on their feet to sing, dance, laugh and forget the woes for

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AUDIO: Big Laugh – “Shadow Figure”

Hardcore punks Big Laugh dropped a new single ahead of their forthcoming album “Consume Me.” Fierce and rambunctious, “Shadow Figure” is a full-on modern hardcore banger with riffage that rattles the walls and vocals that cut like a knife. In the final minute it takes on a fearsome, crashing melodic shift that feels like something’s haunting you akin to the

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AUDIO: Gorilla Knifefight – “THIS KNIFE WINS THE FIGHT!”

Duck Earnhardt closes 2022 with another Gorilla Knifefight tape. Hardcore punk is as fast and furious as ever here, balancing personal angst with societal angst through igniting riffs and a pounding drum machine. Earnhardt battles greedy capitalists and the Internet while also holding on tight for love and for his friends, ultimately prevailing. Gorilla Knifefight emerges victorious with “THIS KNIFE

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