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AUDIO: World I Hate – “Years of Lead”

Hardcore punks World I Hate have unleashed their highly anticipated debut full-length album into the world. With eleven blazing tracks, the record brutally confronts the callous neoliberal machine that enables evil and violence to pervade in our world. The band is sick of nonstop, performative bullshit, seeking to eviscerate such injustice with the infernal, crushing onslaught of dystopian powerviolence. With

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AUDIO: World in Action – “World in Action”

World in Action are a new Milwaukee punk band who just released their self-titled debut EP. Describing themselves as “anarcho-inspired peace punk”, the group right off the bat aren’t afraid to make their distaste for today’s increasingly bleak sociopolitical climate known. Through exciting buildups and a vigorous dynamic, these three tracks confront the evils and hypocrisies of capitalism and class

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AUDIO: Snag – “Invasive Species (Cop City)”

Emo/post-hardcore band Snag released a new single last week – their first since 2021 album “Death Doula.” The song protests Cop City, which is the proposed clearing of forests outside of Atlanta in order to build a police training facility. With the band’s shrieked anxieties about the horrors of environmental destruction and state repression combined with their prog-adjacent screamo sensibilities,

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AUDIO: Infamy – “Dying to Live”

Hardcore fans gather – Infamy dropped their long-awaited debut EP this week! Over five tracks, the powerhouse band brings absolute sonic mayhem with diabolical riffage, blistering blast beats and growling vocals that command endless moshes. Tormented lyric themes of succumbing to demons, living a nightmare, the sharp pain of broken trust and struggling against individualism paint gruesome pictures of harrowing

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AUDIO: Genau – “Flowers”

Gothic post-punk duo Genau released their first EP in three years last week. It’s four tunes of cold, shadowy rock that shimmers at many different speeds; “K.S.” kicks things into high gear with punkish energy, then “Talking” slows things down with a patient bass line and chugging, washing riff. With electronic rhythm behind their distorted cacophony, Genau create ethereal darkness

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AUDIO: Enervate – “All Said And Done”

Hardcore punks Enervate dropped their sophomore EP last week. It’s four tracks of ignited riffage, unrelenting headbanging, mighty vocals and crushing breakdowns sure to shake the building. Lyrically these songs confront situations of being over someone else’s shit, shutting the world out, finding your stride in a fucked up world, and looking to stop wasting time. Enervate bash and brawl

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