Field Report Bringing it Home for the Holidays

2018 is slowly coming to a close and what a year it has been for Milwaukee’s own Field Report. With their new album “Summertime Songs” that came out this past spring and the tour that followed, Field Report has certainly been busy, and they have no intention of slowing down. For their last show of the year however, they decided to bring it back to their home city of Milwaukee for an inclusive holiday show with friends. Because what is better than coming home for the holidays?

During the performance, Chris Porterfield, leadman of the group, stated, “This will never happen again and you all will never be in the same room together again, let’s enjoy it,” which summed up the experience of the show as a whole. A combination of old, new, and winter themed songs being played to an audience that felt more like family than paying patrons. 

As promised, the band had numerous guests appear and play on stage with them including Mark Waldoch, Chris Rosenau, Ryan Necci, and the Tontine Ensemble. Also during the show, each member of Field Report played something specifically gardened for them. This blend of artists made the show engaging as well as beautiful.

What makes a Field Report show unique is the sense of closeness one gets to seeing them. You feel apart of the music and the atmosphere, as almost as if the show could not go on without you present in the audience. This show did a phenomenal job of doing just that, making it feel as if Field Report was not the only ones finally home for the holiday. 

Tontine Ensemble playing with Field Report at Turner Hall
Caley Conway 
Mark Waldoch
Final Bows

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