Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 8/31/12 – Cause For Revelation

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It was brought to our attention that we really haven’t showcased a lot of local metal in our Milwaukee Artist of the Week. With that said, we sought out some great local metal, and Cause For Revelation did not disappoint from the first time that we heard them. In a word, they’re heavy. That’s an understatement. Led by vocalist Tim Payne, Cause For Revelation’s sound is kind of like taking a square punch to the jaw from an MMA fighter. A really, really strong MMA fighter. They have a digital EP coming out soon, and you can check out the lead single “Until The End” before the EP comes out via their Bandpage. For those of you too lazy to click away from our site, here’s an amazing video for “Destroying Recollections”:

For more Cause For Revelation, check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Reverbnation pages.

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