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AUDIO: Livid – “Compiled Hatred”

Kenosha powerviolence act Livid released a new album today. Ten blistering tracks of grinding riffs, shouted growls and crashing rhythm breathe total inferno. If you’re looking to headbang and blow off steam, look no further – the final track “Beaten Dog” even features a Gran Torino quote. Livid bring the beatdowns with “Compiled Hatred.”

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AUDIO: Shroud of Despondency – “Air of Abrasion”

Black metal project Shroud of Despondency released a new album. Written in late 2020 when Rory Heikkila was in the throes of several surgeries, the lyrics tackle the insidious dread and anxiety that dominated his life at the time. There’s themes of decay, numbness, concealing suffering, and bitter nostalgia that all reflect endurance of unrelenting pain and impending doom. The

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AUDIO: It Is Dead – “Hell is Now”

“Deathsludge” metal band It Is Dead have unleashed their debut full-length album. Setting the scene of a cold, dark, treacherous place, “Hell is Now” blends many styles of metal (black, doom, crust) into a cohesive odyssey of vociferous rage. Through the crushing doom of “Violent Winter” to the grinding speed of “Womb,” It Is Dead roar and screech from the

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AUDIO: Northless – “A Path Beyond Grief”

Doom-sludge metal band Northless are out with their first album in five years. Out on Translation Loss Records, this album is an onslaught of warlike riffage, fire-breathing shrieks, and jarring subject matter of pain, suffering and shadows. It feels like one is helplessly descending into the dark pit of judgment, stranded under the elephantine cacophony as hellish rituals unfold. Northless

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AUDIO: Sleestak – “Harbinger”

Progressive doom metal band Sleestak are out with their fifth album. Venturing into a psychedelic hell-realm, the band undertakes long and drawn-out songs with soul-crushing riffs, thundering melodies, spookish synths, and lyrics from the helpless abyss. It’s a record that deals with prophecy, love, death, and reclamation through viscerally dark depictions. Sleestak set sail through the void with “Harbinger.”

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