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AUDIO: Hadak Ura – “Varna Shall Be Our Grave”

Pagan black metal project Hadak Ura’s latest song is from an upcoming split with Sacred Dominions. True to the band’s demeanor, it’s atmospheric and composed yet earnest in darkness. Varna refers to an ancient Bulgarian culture, as well as a city in modern Bulgaria. The cover art depicts a primitive warrior, which helps execute the track’s ruthless emotion. We look

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AUDIO: After Hour Animals – “All It Takes”

Metalcore band After Hour Animals have a new song out today and it touches heavily on addiction. Vocalists Armon Hassan and Nik Voyn once again conjure a mesmerizing duality of the frantic voice in your head versus the honest and level-headed one, respectively. There’s lyrics about a “final fix” as well as waking up from blackouts. It’s sure to be

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AUDIO: I, Manifest – “Planting the Seed”

Djent-metalcore band I, Manifest are out with yet another track – their fifth of the year. This song has a brutally low pitched riff that rumbles under vocalist Robert Strauss’ shrieks about money and power. It speaks to living under an oppressive system where money feeds greed and selfishness while others are left to suffer, grasping for a chance at

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