Ace Parker Brings the Heat with “MIBMOH”

With the cold Midwest winter fully upon us, rapper Ace Parker dropped a compelling project titled MIBMOH (Maybe I Broke My Own Heart) earlier this month, which proved to be a record that is sure to heat up these chilly December nights.

Milwaukee is undoubtedly a thriving hub for creatives, and Ace is no exception. The eight tracks of his December 6th album follow a loose narrative of emotion, pain, and the never-ending thought process of should’ve/could’ve/would’ve’s within a tiring relationship. In his own words, Ace described the body of work something as “Showing the world that I’m not only a rapper, I can tell a story.” (which is exactly what he did)                           

The first track, titled “MIBMOH” after the project itself, opens with a synthy vibe that transitions quickly into a hectic beat with a tension-heavy, argumentative beat.

What follows is “BOUNCE”, an buoyant party song featuring fellow MKE-rapper Fiji Smokee (of the group Fiji Gang)- a track that will no doubt be bumped on speakers of countless East-Side parties.


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Mic Kellogg produced the third track, “Best For Me”, a song illustrating the unrequited struggle of wanting the greatest for someone who doesn’t seem to care. Ace released the song just before the project itself, giving listeners just a taste of what MIBMOH is all about. He noted this track as one of his favorites from the project, “It kind of wrote itself.” he stated, “It just flows, and it’s so different from what I’d been doing before.”

Kellogg also helped produce “Angels”, one of MIBMOH’s most upbeat tracks. The song touches on being thankful, as well as looking with hope towards the future.

Contrastively, another highlight of the project is track number five, “KMS” (Killing Me Slowly), a song falling back into the arguments and tension referenced in the very begining of the album, but with a more straightforward and agitated, “Fuck you” energy.

Overall, MIBMOH is a powerful, conceptual album showing that Ace Parker has much, much more depth than just bars and beats. He has the talent of storytelling, encapturing a thought process surrounding both the internal and external struggles that accompany relationships (whether it simply be with oneself or another person). One of Ace’s goals with the project was to break the ever so common, black-and-white views people gernally have regarding music, to envoke a feeling and draw an audience deeper than just deciding if it’s hot or not.

MIBMOH is currently avalible for streaming via Soundcloud, but is set to be up on Spotify and Itunes soon.



    2. 5 Minutes

    3. BOUNCE ft. Fiji Smokee


    5. KMS

    6. Angels ft. Mic Kellogg

    7. AUTUMNS


Soundcloud: Ace Parker

Twitter: @aceparkerr

Instagram: @aceparkerr

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