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AUDIO: PaperStacks & Phif – “Baby”

Hip hop artists PaperStacks and Phif teamed up for a new single. The creative brothers flex heavy on this one, rapping about taking your girl and being desired for their dopeness. It’s a big city and everyone wants a piece of success; PaperStacks and Phif are comfortable in their niche and make that known. Confidence is attractive, after all. It’s

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AUDIO: Sethinbetween – “Meadowood”

Seth David, known for making house music, also makes hip hop under Sethinbetween. His debut tape is out, featuring eight tracks that revolve around his life out in California. He raps about riding in a drop top, being surrounded by beautiful women, and living his life for leisure and luxury. He does incorporate a house beat into the song “Like

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VIDEO: Dubb Saq – “I Could Never”

Hip hop artist Dubb Saq has a video out to “I Could Never” from his recent “Dubb is Down” EP. Shot by Redline, Saq is depicted as missing for months, with this footage found on a camera in his home. He’s shown cooped up and losing his mind; he destroys various objects in the middle of his floor while talking

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AUDIO: Wave Chapelle – “Big Moves”

Hip hop artist Wave Chapelle concludes his “Orange Pack” with a banger about his elevated sense of motivation. He raps about the virtue of patience as he secures one move to the next. With some clever wordplay about “chess not checkers” and basketball, Chapelle is confident in being your next artist to fuck with, especially with how much he’s balling

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Kav M$Ghty’s ‘Light’ Finds Hope in The Darkest Point of Life

Born in Montreal and raised in Toronto, Kav M$ghty is known for being a quiet, soft-spoken, introverted, and mysterious kid. In 2016, he found his love for music. In 2019, he found a passion for it. Kav is an experimental artist that talks about his struggles with autism and anxiety through his music. He wants to bring awareness to people

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