Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 7/18/12 – Pizzle

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So… I missed last week’s artist of the week… my bad. Let’s just move on. This week’s artist is no stranger to followers of the Milwaukee hip hop scene. Pizzle has been getting attention from outside of the city, with strong releases like Fame In Vain and the more recent Insomnia project. He was also one half of the viral video hit “Green and Yellow” that caught fire during the Packers’ Super Bowl run (before Lil Wayne did his version):

He also just released a song called “Beautiful” with emerging national artist and Milwaukee native Gerald Walker. It’s reaching every major hip hop blog, so if you haven’t heard it by now, you need to check it out here:

For more Pizzle, check out his Facebook, and follow him (@TheFakePizzle) on Twitter

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