Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 12/7/12 – Ahab’s Ghost

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Ahab's Ghost

Since we started posting our Milwaukee Artist of the Week, Ahab’s Ghost has come onto our radar. They arrived with their 9 track album, “After the Fall“, that reminds us of some classic, old school metal. It was released in February, and carries all the aggression that being stuck inside during a Milwaukee winter can bring. Ahab’s Ghost know how to vary their style up as well. There are some tracks on this album that are straight up thrash songs, while other parts bring a heavy, heavy trudging sound. The band draws a comparison, at least in our minds, to Valient Thorr, which is fitting because they have opened for that band, amongst many other national bands. It’s always great to see a metal band that has some depth and variety to their sound, and that definitely is this band. You get a sense from hearing this album that it’s simply three dudes who have been lifelong friends having fun bringing the metal, and that’s something that we definitely encourage. Check out “Heavy Metal Machine” below:

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