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AUDIO: Phatbrane – “Pothead Social Club Volume 2”

There’s a place where minds go to melt, where ears go to be soothed into oblivion. And that place is the sonic landscape created in “Pothead Social Club Volume 2”. With some songs being entirely instrumental, others having sparse bars or repeated choruses, they all provide the same extremely chilled out, couch-locking vibe. This doesn’t make it boring though— the drum

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AUDIO: Dahlia EnBloom – “Sounds of My Soul”

Artist and producer Dahlia EnBloom released an album a few weeks back. Entirely instrumental, the album incorporates elements of chillwave, ambient, pop and R&B production with danceable moments as well as meditative ones. The songs are themed around various personal experiences such as gender and dysphoria, being vulnerable, finding yourself, and overcoming struggles. Emotional and empowering, it’s compelling electronica from

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