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AUDIO: Violethead – “Ultra”

Violethead is the solo electronic project of Ellen Suhr, bassist of indie pop band Dogbad. She dropped her debut EP a few months back; it’s entirely instrumental and ventures into different territories of textural electronica, including ambient techno and chillwave. Under an indigo twilight sky, you’ll find yourself drawing shapes with the stars to “Ultra.” We hope to hear more

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AUDIO: Mike Neumeyer – “Blue Electric”

Composer and percussionist Mike Neumeyer’s latest edition of his color-centered marimba series focuses on blue. Neumeyer thought of a Crayola marker called “Electric Blue” and just like that the piece became a reflection of the past. His mallet work is busy and shuffling, like all the memories pouring in at once. It’s a blissful blast of nostalgia from Mike Neumeyer,

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AUDIO: Postureless – “I LOVE MUSIC”

Producer Postureless is a new one on the block, and he’s out with his debut single. It’s a lo-fi hip hop instrumental that samples someone talking about how significant we all are, and that music is a form of power against the system – right on! We hope Postureless keeps up the creative spirit and has more to come soon.

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AUDIO: Goldbloc – “Thirty-Six-Ohmz-Sit-Down-Hot-Boi”

Lo-fi hip hop instrumental artist Goldbloc is out with a new collection of tracks. Ryan King’s latest obsessions grab from different electronic subgenres and collagist inspiration, marked by frequent shifts in pattern sequence. The result is a downtempo excursion ideal for some incense-tinged relaxation; “Perfect Drug” gets mechanically groovy while “PianoMan” is suspenseful techno. King has taken quarantine to focus

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