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AUDIO: Postureless – “I LOVE MUSIC”

Producer Postureless is a new one on the block, and he’s out with his debut single. It’s a lo-fi hip hop instrumental that samples someone talking about how significant we all are, and that music is a form of power against the system – right on! We hope Postureless keeps up the creative spirit and has more to come soon.

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AUDIO: Goldbloc – “Thirty-Six-Ohmz-Sit-Down-Hot-Boi”

Lo-fi hip hop instrumental artist Goldbloc is out with a new collection of tracks. Ryan King’s latest obsessions grab from different electronic subgenres and collagist inspiration, marked by frequent shifts in pattern sequence. The result is a downtempo excursion ideal for some incense-tinged relaxation; “Perfect Drug” gets mechanically groovy while “PianoMan” is suspenseful techno. King has taken quarantine to focus

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