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RECAP: Quies Terry’s “ARTS & Crafts” Album Release Party

ARTS & Crafts, the latest project from Milwaukee’s own Quies Terry, dropped last week following a one-of-a-kind album release party. The album and the event stand as mirror images of each other, Quies as host and Quies as poet together reflecting a single picture of what he and his music stand for.  I was greeted at the door by the

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AUDIO: Leroy Booker – “Sign Of The Times”

Milwaukee’s music scene is rife with great rock and roll, and its full of talented rappers. But the middle child, so to speak, between these two genres sits a just-as-promising lineup of R&B artists. The newest single from Milwaukee native Leroy Booker proves that there’s soul in the 414.  A thick curtain of R&B instrumentals lay heavily on this track. The

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NEW ARRIVAL: Abner Melancholy Looking to Find his Footing as an Artist in Milwaukee

A new face in Milwaukee has hit the ground running with a new album, According to Us. Having just moved here back in August, the nineteen year-old DIY guy is itching to put himself out there.  “I started doing music as a revenge story,” he says, having found creating to be an outlet for his frustration with not being taken seriously in school

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AUDIO: Andrew Cesarz – “Revolutionize Love”

Experiencing love in a new way is something magical, and Andrew Cesarz expresses that magic on his newest single. A love song in the purest form, theatrical piano comes in alongside his voice. The occasional blues lick jumps out under his heartfelt lyrics. And before long the drums and accompanying instruments come in, creating a sonic sweep of sweet pop ballad,

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AUDIO: Joe Quinto – “The Night I Got Santa Claus Stoned” 

We all know how evasive Santa Claus can be. But even he has slip ups once in a while—this track is the story of one of his latest. Over an instrumental composed solely of a laid-back finger-picked chord progression on the guitar, Joe Quinto sings the story of how he left some pot cookies that he couldn’t finish out on the

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AUDIO: Dan Kolesari – “River Road”

Some musicians know their sound in a definite way. Atmospheric soft-rock is the definite sound on the newest album from Dan Kolesari. The first couple tracks soar with sweet guitar riffs and saxophone lines, most of the back half chug along with somber instrumentation and heartfelt vocals. All the while Dan relates all sorts of feelings and experiences. From longing

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