NEW ARRIVAL: Abner Melancholy Looking to Find his Footing as an Artist in Milwaukee

A new face in Milwaukee has hit the ground running with a new album, According to Us. Having just moved here back in August, the nineteen year-old DIY guy is itching to put himself out there. 

“I started doing music as a revenge story,” he says, having found creating to be an outlet for his frustration with not being taken seriously in school growing up. He cites Kanye West’s “No More Parties in LA” and Tyler the Creator’s Flower Boy as the pieces that first inspired him to try making music, stating in particular “the fact that they can put so much greatness into one project,” as the catalyst towards his pulling the trigger and starting to create music of his own. 

Over time and with practice however, his perspective has changed. “I actually want to pursue this, instead of just showing people I can do something.” This inner drive is clear to see, not coming from a place of lack but a pure desire to make projects he’s proud of. He’s easily spotted wherever he goes, chatting up anyone with a foot in the creative world. “I want to end up writing for people,” he mentions in closing as one of his goals on the horizon.  

According to Us, by Abner’s own admission, doesn’t fit into much of a genre. But he’s more than cool with that, stating that “I don’t wanna be stereotyped as one category of musician.” He’s also not just one type of artist—with plans to make short films and hands in the projects of several other creators in Milwaukee, he’s bursting with energy and intention to make a mark. Check out the album and get your first look, there’s surely more to come from Abner Melancholy. 

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