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NEW ARRIVAL: Abner Melancholy Looking to Find his Footing as an Artist in Milwaukee

A new face in Milwaukee has hit the ground running with a new album, According to Us. Having just moved here back in August, the nineteen year-old DIY guy is itching to put himself out there.  “I started doing music as a revenge story,” he says, having found creating to be an outlet for his frustration with not being taken seriously in school

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AUDIO: Abner Melancholy – “According to Us (A Side)”

Abner Melancholy is a new artist to look out for. He’s got an album out today, bringing a fusion of pop, electronica and hip hop to the mix. Starting with an entertaining intro that begs to know just what the hell Melancholy’s got an album about, the subsequent tracks find him navigating the nuances of love and trying his best

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