AUDIO: Zach Pietrini—”Rock & Roll is Dead”

Milwaukee alt-rocker Zach Pietrini has a new album out, and it sounds of the DIY guy’s many influences. Opening track “Dead End Town” is upbeat and sets a pattern for most of the album’s songs: being lyrically reflective and often somewhat sad on one hand, musically leaning heavily on often-riffing guitar and chill drums on the other. The more upbeat songs on the album, such as the aforementioned “Dead End Town” and “What Are We Now” are reminiscent of 2000’s pop rock, the riffs shining alongside Pietrini’s laid back vocals.  

Sonically, the album gets progressively more laid back and slow paced. “Losing My life” is, in terms of laid back tracks, this album at its best. The lyrics punchy and the guitar sparse, it smacks of an 80’s rock ballad with a grown-up haircut. The final song, also the title track, is Pietrini’s elegy to an era of music, undefined in the lyrics, that he feels he should have been born into.  

With a definite sound plenty of sentiment, this newest album from Josh Pietrini shows a rocker reflecting everything from his relationships to rock and roll itself. Check it out for a nostalgic trip through one man’s expression of desire for a time gone by. 

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