VIDEO: Ja Dubb – “Baggage”

Giving expression to the weight of unhappy experiences in the past, “Baggage” appears to be a catharsis for Ja Dubb. Seriously melodic, the song has a sweetness to it that is balanced out by fat 808s and snappy high hats. This newest video from Ja Dubb, directed by Millie x, which accompanies the track shows her spitting bars and singing her lines in a few hometown spots. A convenience store, a nondescript clothing shop, the block itself. All of which indicate the place that laid his baggage on her, from where she’s hustling to get out by making it big. 

A bittersweet reflection on the love/hate relationship one can develop with the place they grew up in, “Baggage” and the accompanying video together make a message straight from Ja Dubb’s heart to your ears. 

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