VIDEO: Death Is A Business – “Sleepless” 

The newest visual from Death Is A Business is a blast of color, both literally and figuratively. The jazzy track comes together with dashing keyboards and drums. The duet of male and female vocals rides over the top tastefully. And there’s never a dull moment, as the instrumental breaks up a few times, letting one of the brass section members go off and riff for a while.  

The video sits on top of this colorful song with a lot of color of its own. Bright overlays dominate. Sometimes over shots of a sharp-dressed man playing his song in the woods, sometimes enclosing shots of people walking, talking, or cooking. It all comes together to create a sense of the people behind both the music and the visual being real people with real lives, who anyone listening can relate to with warmth enough to keep the coming cold at bay. 

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