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AUDIO: Lovely Socialite – “Final Flight of F.R.O.G.”

Experimental jazz-rock group Lovely Socialite are out with the first single from their upcoming album “The Drift.” “Final Flight” has plenty of vigor and action, like we’re seeing the character come to life and taking a big leap to the tune of howling horns and crashing melody. It’s got a podcast episode attached where the band discusses the process and

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AUDIO: RAF & Company – “The River”

Pop-rock-jazz fusion group RAF & Company have a new single out. While starting out somberly introspective using the titular river as a vehicle for reflection and hope, the tune swells into a joyous pop tune where the person you’ve missed most is at the river too. Now, you’ve found yourself at the home you’ve always known. It’s a prosperous one

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AUDIO: Pulpa de Guayaba – “Talk to Me”

Latin reggae-soul band Pulpa de Guayaba’s latest single is your new favorite morning song. It’s a love tune about the person of your dreams that appears before you in real life; you like everything about them you see and invite them to come along with you for the ride. With a horn solo like a singing heart, “Talk to Me”

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AUDIO: Smoke n’ Mirrors – “Dumpsta Cat”

Jazz fusion trio Smoke n’ Mirrors have their sophomore record out today. Incorporating funky sensibilities and soulful sensations, the band delivers a smorgasbord of flavorful cuts that’ll get you swaying back and forth with all the people you love. The saxophone is jovial, the drums are assertive, and the keys keep your head in the clouds but feet on the

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AUDIO: Pulpa de Guayaba – “Ode to You”

Latin reggae-soul band Pulpa de Guayaba’s latest single is a lovestruck one. Vocalist Dominick Dear sings to a lover, wishing to reconcile all their differences with one more song. Their problems are fixable and he’s begging for another chance at making things work. It’s a song about willing to do anything to right your wrongs. Stay tuned for more from

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AUDIO: Smoke N’ Mirrors – “Marmalade”

Jazz fusion trio Smoke N’ Mirrors have a new single out with upbeat swagger. It’s the type of tune you’re walking down the street to feeling like you’re on top of the world. Nothing can touch you. No one can touch Smoke N’ Mirrors either, with solos from all three musicians that make for relentless rocking. Hopefully there’s more to

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