AUDIO: Frugal Stu & the Coupons – “Rendezvous”

With their first track since the holiday season, Frugal Stu & the Coupons are back with a new single, “Rendezvous.” The song is a six-minute jam session with an inescapable beat, driven by an ambient wood block, just a few well-textured organs, and featuring an intricately-plucked acoustic guitar. There’s a host of other instruments that get involved, and the rhythm takes some twists and turns along the way, but it all showcases the eclectic musicianship that makes up the fusion band. At one point, things break completely open into a full-blast party, and the feeling of constant kinetic energy puts this danceable tune over the top. Lose yourself in the rhythm of “Rendezvous” below:

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