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VIDEO: Lili K. – “Magic”

Whether you’re part of the Milwaukee or Chicago music scene, the name Lili K. should hopefully ring a bell to you. The soulful singer is known for her jazzy sounding voice, and an ability to crush any track put in front of her. Her newest single, “Magic”, is a profound take on feminist ideals, with a brash tone that gets

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Marian Hill at Turner Hall: A Review

Marian Hill played at Turner Hall in Milwaukee on Wednesday, Oct. 5. Two openers, SHAED and VERITE, began the night with indie pop that grazed electronic. Although both great performances, there was something missing that turned me into a Will-Ferril-SNL-esque monster, yelling: more saxophone – it needs more saxophone. Cue Marian Hill. I don’t remember when I first heard Marian

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AUDIO: Foreign Goods – “Coronation”

The collective known as Foreign Goods, featuring New Age Narcissism’s Jay Anderson, Klassik, Soul Low’s Sam Gehrke, and B-Free, amongst a host of other talented musicians, has made a name for themselves by playing out frequently in Milwaukee. A proper release from the band, however, was yet to come. Luckily for us, Gloss Records recently released the group’s debut EP,

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