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‘Goodie Goodē’ by Tiffany Goode Takes You On a Beautiful Sonic Exploration That Fuses Jazz, Reggae, Hip-Hop and R&B

Tiffany Goode is a trumpetist born in Richmond, Virginia and currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. She began her love affair with music and the trumpet at 10 years old. She received a Bachelors of Science in Music Engineering Technology from Hampton University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Ethnomusicology from Liberty University. Tiffany has been featured in Rolling Out

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AUDIO: Jerry Grillo – “After the Ashes 2”

Long-running jazz singer-songwriter Jerry Grillo released a new song a few months ago. It’s a gentle piano tune about a better tomorrow; the world is waiting on you to start shining again. These are powerful words in a time of societal pain, and Grillo reminds us that we can get through it together. Keep showing love to the world around

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AUDIO: KASE – “Alive”

KASE is an avant-garde jazz collective consisting of Jamie Breiwick, John Christensen, and knowsthetime; they’ve got a new record out today on B Side Recordings. In the most experimental of approaches to jazz the group plays with turntablism, rapping from CRASHprez, live beats, and free improvisation throughout these eclectic compositions. The final track extends this fusion over fourteen minutes. Classics

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AUDIO: We Six – “Vivid Dreams”

Jazz sextet We Six is out with their long-awaited new album of original compositions. Featured members are Eric Jacobson on trumpet, Eric Schoor on tenor saxophone, Paul Silbergleit on guitar, Mark Davis on piano, Jeff Hamann on bass, and Dave Bayles on drums. The group’s sentiments on Bandcamp share that they greatly expanded what they were capable of together through

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Dan’s ‘Easy’ Is A Jazzy First Date Story

Daniel J. Christianson a.k.a. Dan came from a musical family. Hailing from Grand Forks, North Dakota, Dan’s early gig days were with his dad and brother. He even got a chance to play with Green Day onstage. Through this concert, Dan met the founding members of his horn rock band, The Wicked Bees. The band had regional success, releasing two

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Skylr’s “ Omission” Is A Rollercoaster Of Sound Waves

SKYLR is a multi-instrumentalist who creates and produces soundscapes that cross pollinate a multitude of genres. He masterfully uses violin, guitar, keys, and MPC Renaissance as main instruments. He produces various musical styles which range from French EDM, Jazz, and Hip Hop to alternative vibes. Each track is both unique as well as organic. As an artist and a producer

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