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AUDIO: Tomatillo – “Tomatillo”

Jazz-rockers Tomatillo disbanded some time ago, but not before they recorded a three-song EP that’s finally out today. These songs touch on adversity, love and personal experiences that others won’t quite understand, driven by melodies that have lots of personality and passionate vocals that project from the soul. Get groovy to the genuine, heartwarming spirit of Tomatillo.

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AUDIO: Frugal Stu & the Coupons – “City Elk”

Jazz-funk fusion act Frugal Stu & the Coupons have kicked off 2023 with a new tune. This one could easily be the theme song for a hot new TV show, featuring a psychedelic guitar that reaches for the sky over a bed of climbing rhythm. It evolves into a climactic shredding solo like we’re seeing a resolution unfold with a

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AUDIO: Cody Steinmann Trio – “Another Blues Head”

Jazz fusion trio Cody Steinmann Trio released a new single. Steinmann, Chris Bates and Abinnet Berhanu take a fun excursion through flavor here, led by a wandering guitar and supported by a sturdy rhythm. It’s another instance of seasoned musicians trusting each other with whichever direction they’re led in, excited by the spontaneity. We wonder if “Another Blues Head” and

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AUDIO: Cody Steinmann Trio – “Outlier”

Jazz fusion act Cody Steinmann Trio have a new single out and it’s full of effervescent, lively energy. The song carries the aura who’s not like everyone else and they’re proud of it. With Steinmann on guitar, Chris Bates on bass and Abinnet Berhanu on drums, there’s a powerful chemistry between the musicians that makes the song pop with charm.

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AUDIO: KASE – “Season Two: Full Bloom”

Improv jazz trio KASE have returned with a new album. There’s eight pieces here, all compiled from the band’s live performances; each setting, moment, and wavelength uniquely shapes the synergistic soundscapes that KASE conjure. The bass resonates, the trumpet ripples, and the electronic rhythms hold it down. They’re a group with everlasting compatibility, where spontaneity is imperative for their formulaic

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AUDIO: Lovely Socialite – “The Drift”

Experimental jazz rockers Lovely Socialite are out with their new album. With equal amount of style and substance, “The Drift” is something of a concept album around a triumphant amphibian, exploring time and space with various tones and shifting moods. Some compositions are patient and ponderous while others are bold and fierce, culminating into a dexterously cohesive story. Lovely Socialite

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