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AUDIO: Cody Steinmann Trio – “Outlier”

Jazz fusion act Cody Steinmann Trio have a new single out and it’s full of effervescent, lively energy. The song carries the aura who’s not like everyone else and they’re proud of it. With Steinmann on guitar, Chris Bates on bass and Abinnet Berhanu on drums, there’s a powerful chemistry between the musicians that makes the song pop with charm.

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AUDIO: KASE – “Season Two: Full Bloom”

Improv jazz trio KASE have returned with a new album. There’s eight pieces here, all compiled from the band’s live performances; each setting, moment, and wavelength uniquely shapes the synergistic soundscapes that KASE conjure. The bass resonates, the trumpet ripples, and the electronic rhythms hold it down. They’re a group with everlasting compatibility, where spontaneity is imperative for their formulaic

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AUDIO: Lovely Socialite – “The Drift”

Experimental jazz rockers Lovely Socialite are out with their new album. With equal amount of style and substance, “The Drift” is something of a concept album around a triumphant amphibian, exploring time and space with various tones and shifting moods. Some compositions are patient and ponderous while others are bold and fierce, culminating into a dexterously cohesive story. Lovely Socialite

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AUDIO: Lovely Socialite – “Final Flight of F.R.O.G.”

Experimental jazz-rock group Lovely Socialite are out with the first single from their upcoming album “The Drift.” “Final Flight” has plenty of vigor and action, like we’re seeing the character come to life and taking a big leap to the tune of howling horns and crashing melody. It’s got a podcast episode attached where the band discusses the process and

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AUDIO: Kenn Fox & Garrett Waite – “Maple Avenue”

Jazz artists Kenn Fox and Garrett Waite teamed up for a new album. With graceful fingerstyle guitar from Fox and delightful compositional direction from Waite, this record seamlessly fuses expertise from two dynamic personalities. There’s contributions from musicians Randy Mueller, Davey Harrison, Shokan Muishitzu Roshi, and Raj Alwa here as well, including a narrated poem in “Two Worlds” about the

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AUDIO: RAF & Company – “The River”

Pop-rock-jazz fusion group RAF & Company have a new single out. While starting out somberly introspective using the titular river as a vehicle for reflection and hope, the tune swells into a joyous pop tune where the person you’ve missed most is at the river too. Now, you’ve found yourself at the home you’ve always known. It’s a prosperous one

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