AUDIO: Eric Blowtorch and the Inflammables – “Quality Items”

A triple album is a daunting piece of work, both for the artist and the listener. For Eric Blowtorch and the Inflammables, however, it seems more than fitting. With an eclectic sound and plenty of digital room for experimentation, “Quality Items” is a record that only grows as it moves forward. With elements of ska, reggae, fusion, big band and more, the record’s 36 tracks isn’t necessarily the kind of thing you need to hear in one sitting, but rather dissect in parts to fully grasp everything going on. Per Bandcamp, dozens of musicians over the span of 14 years were enlisted to realize Blowtorch’s vision, and that feels true, with plenty of different sonic directions intersecting at some point on the album. You’d be hard pressed to find a local album that has more going on than this one, and for good reason. Check out “Quality Items” below:

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