AUDIO: Frugal Stu & The Coupons – “Liquidation”

After an impressive debut release, Milwaukee fusion act Frugal Stu & The Coupons are back with their second EP in four months, with the release of “Liquidation”. With six mostly-instrumental tracks on it, the band comes together for even smoother tracks than featured on their April debut, “Discount!”. Anchored around the keys and compositions of Glenn McCormick, the songs provide the perfect pallets for incredibly gifted musicians like guitarist Connor Peck and saxophonist Sean Hirthe to shine for their individual talents. We also get vocals credited to Frugal Stu himself on “Closeout”, which might mean a step even further for the band in the near future. If you didn’t get an introduction to Frugal Stu & The Coupons on “Discount!” this is a wonderful place to start. Check out “Liquidation” below:

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