AUDIO: Detra Cortina – “Discarded”

Opening with a minute of foreboding guitar plucking, this track sounds like it could go anywhere. And then the riff comes in— thick with distortion, melodically heavy, at a pace which doesn’t race as much as it rumbles. The leading riff tags off with a couple other equally punishing guitar parts. All of which rumble over some mean drums. This pattern carries the song to its end, stopping just a few times to let the rest of the ambiance behind the guitars and drums breathe.  

This is the newest single from Detra Cortina, a pseudonym which is described on their bandcamp as “music from the mind of Nick Hill in hopes it can take on its own identity and sound.” The single is the first track from the upcoming album of the same name. There’s metal to come and it’s looking like it’ll be heavy.

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