AUDIO: Smokey Jonez – “Smokeyfornia”

The 5th album from Milwaukee rapper Smokey Jonez is here. Hard flows, slick beats, and a well-blended sense of both variation and continuity of character from track to track make this album a tight piece of work.  

The subject matter of his Smokey’s bars cover a lot of ground. Smokey has been in the game for a while now and makes that clear—he’s beyond those who would claim being on the grind without anything to show for it. His relationship to God and forgiveness is another topic often worked out, be it in a laid back manner that reflects his remorse for mistakes of the past or an aggressive one that betrays his still-thawing heart.  

Give this album a listen for a showcase of Jonez’ ability both to spit bars and to express his truth. 

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