AUDIO: Josh Trimble – “Life Inside”

Milwaukee native musician Josh Trimble brings the funk on this newest single of his. For the bulk of the song, his clear voice rides easily over sultry guitar and jittery drums. His lyrics shift back and forth between statements about the hands of creation and other such abstractions and definite feelings like the urge to get to know someone. As such, the ear and the mind alike stay engaged. Watch out for about 2:15 on the track where Trimble really lets it rip with his vocals.  

Soon after this point the song takes a turn in both mood and lyrical content towards the introspective, the guitar now picking single notes, a flute and chorus vocals coming in to create an entirely different mood than the first two thirds or so of the track. Josh Trimble shows with this single that he’s got a lot of feeling to express and quite a talent for doing so.

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