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AUDIO: Grace Weber – “Lonely”

Cover artwork for Grace Weber - "Lonely"

Singer Grace Weber’s new release “Lonely” is a soulful and introspective two-song release that showcases her impressive vocal range and talent as a songwriter. The lead track, “Lonely,” is a poignant reflection on a relationship that has come to an end, with Weber’s emotive vocals perfectly capturing the feelings of heartbreak and loneliness. The b-side, “Insincere,” is another soulful track

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AUDIO: B~Free – “iProduce My Own Shit”

B~Free has put her 2023 in motion with a new single. Dedicated to Women’s History Month, this tune finds the singer owning her independence as a woman in the industry who does all her music herself. When she says she does everything – she means it – so quit with the fake shock and quit asking her husband. Gentle with

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AUDIO: Grey Genius – “Hold This 4 A Min: II”

For some time now, Grey Genius has been one of Milwaukee’s premier R&B artists to be watching. Just a month ago she released her “Hold This 4 A Min” EP and she’s got the second part out now. It’s four songs; two are just her, one enlists Milwaukee artist Das Solo and another features Chicago artist Jamari Mikell. She lets

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AUDIO: Mwgli – “Sunday”

Mwgli has returned with a new single – her first since last summer’s “On My Mind.” While her past output has found her at the warm intersection of R&B, pop and reggaeton, this song finds her with a mellow and minimalist vibration. She’s got romance on her mind here, dreaming of spending the lazy day with her lover. With a

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AUDIO: Hailey Simone – “Kamikaze”

Hailey Simone has kicked off her 2023 with a new single on PV2. She sings to assure someone that if they’re going to be with her, she’s bringing them down with her. Mixing both hip hop and soulful elements, “Kamikaze” finds Hailey Simone firm in her convictions that love gets toxic and it’s up to you to decide who you’re

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AUDIO: Lizzie Kay & Spider Creek – “Behind the Red Door”

Lizzie Kay and her collective Spider Creek are out with their debut album. If you don’t know Spider Creek then you’d better tap in – this album brings an eclectic, emotive approach to pop that incorporates elements of soul, R&B and hip hop. These songs are heartful, liberating and uncompromising as Kay lifts the veil from pain, love, anxiety and

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AUDIO: With – “Wonderful”

Electrosoul duo With have a new single out and it brings us to a cozy winter scene with your lover. Gentle piano and finger snaps blanket us with romantic spirit as the duo invoke imagery of stars, snow and a warm embrace. It’s a most serene composition from With, who have been pushing a lush, spiritually rejuvenated approach to soul

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