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‘Free To Be Me’ by Mr.J (D-RIOT) Is A Song About Daring To Be Yourself

Since 2007, Mr.J (D-RIOT) has made his life mission to ensure that each listener receives a positive message from his music. Inspired by Craig Mack, Nas, Eminem, Common and many more, Mr.J (D-RIOT) socially conscious lyric propels listeners to go against the grain to discover themselves and make an impact in the communities around them. ‘Free To Be Me’ is

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AUDIO: Grace Weber – “Thru the Fire (Feat. Chance the Rapper)”

R&B artist Grace Weber worked with Chance the Rapper on her latest single. It’s a song about resilience against all odds; Weber sings of “waiting through the fire” and “using it as fuel” as metaphors for keeping a good head on her shoulders. Chance comes in with a verse about getting picked for things last when he was younger, but

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AUDIO: Emmitt James & Claudio Parrone, Jr – “Buttah & Brown”

Hip hop artists Emmitt James collaborated with producer Claudio Parrone, Jr on a new EP out today. In these two tracks, James expands on his romantic side. He raps in a conversational tone like he’s talking to a girl he’s interested in, looking to make her some good food and keep her smiling. His mind isn’t on anyone except her.

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Connect to The Divine with 3hearts’ ‘Fire O.A.’

At the age of 16, 3hearts stumbled upon a YouTube video that showed how EDM producer Avicii worked in the studio. From that point on, he knew he wanted to start making music. In 2016, he moved to the U.S. from Bolivia to pursue a career in music. Now in America, 3hearts got a technical degree in Audio Technology at

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‘All The Way’ By Lindita Halimi Is About Figuring Out Feelings and Pursuing Love

Born in Vitina, Kosovo, Lindita Halimi started her singing career at the age of 11. At a young age, her parents acknowledged her musical gift and knew it was her destiny to be on stage. Lindita was enrolled in Gjilan School of Music and studied music theory, vocal coaching, and piano. She excelled in all areas prodigiously. In 2007, Lindita

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Move on To Better Things in Life with Rawle’s ‘Broken Love’

A Canadian R&B, soul, and pop artist, Rawle showcases a captivating and soulful approach to his singing and songwriting. Going through a tough childhood, Rawle had an estranged relationship with his biological mother, a tumultuous relationship with his biological father, and suffered from severe bullying in school. Rawle turned to music as an outlet to cope with his pain. In

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