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AUDIO: With – “Here We Go”

Electro-soul duo With released a new single this week. This one’s got a fun and playful touch, depicting two people who have differences with one another going on a drive and learning to bond. You’ll find that there’s a lot more to the world than the barriers we set, and that’s exactly what many of us need to hear right

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AUDIO: Brit Nicole – “Nocturnal Butterfly”

Poet and spoken word artist Brit Nicole recently released her debut album. It’s thirteen pieces accompanied by neo-soul and R&B instrumentation performed by the likes of B~Free, Quinten Farr, Genesis Renji and Haze. Nicole’s lyrical ruminations encompass such topics as celebration of Blackness, healing after leaving a toxic partner, love to life rather than death, intimate encounters, body positivity, and

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AUDIO: Grace Weber – “414 (Feat. Mudy)”

Grace Weber teamed up with Mudy for an R&B-soul love letter to Milwaukee. The song celebrates our city, with Weber, singing about being shaped by hometown love as she’s side-by-side with her significant other. Mudy hops in about finding a real one of her own, never feeling alone as long as they’re in the 414. Grace Weber and Mudy are

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JUST BECCA is an incoming name to watch; she’s got her debut single out today and it’s an R&B bop. She sings of being set on someone and wanting this fantasy to become reality; she’s hoping it’s mutual and wants them to come to their senses. If you’ve got an appetite for love, JUST BECCA’s got you covered. We hope

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AUDIO: Bryan Cherry – “Trainwreck”

Funk-soul rocker Bryan Cherry’s got a new EP out. It’s three songs of love’s trial and error, punctuated by Cherry’s passionate delivery. “No Good Kind of Lover” is about being toxic in a long-term relationship, the title track details being down in the dumps, and “You and Only You” finds Cherry eager to make things work. There’s a country flare

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AUDIO: Clayton – “2 pk”

R&B artist Clayton is out with two new songs that he spent the winter working on. Both are intensely emotional; “SOMEHOW BEAUTIFUL” finds Clayton eager to have a break from his anxiety while “GHOST” is about heartbreak and the subsequent onslaught of pain. The atmospheric production gives a “floating” feel, like Clayton is swimming his way out of an ocean

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