AUDIO: Tru West – “From the Ashes, We Rise”

Tru West has crafted a new album as part of her Artist Fellowship with Leaders Igniting Transformation. Each track features different verses from different artists in Milwaukee’s enriched hip hop scene. Opening with a poem from Unique Russ, the project as a whole celebrates Black joy, Black liberation, Black culture, and Black self-determination – songs like “Bronzeville” and “Liberation Over Everything” and “For the Culture” all touch on different dimensions of what makes being Black beautiful. Artists featured include Mudy, Genesis Renji, Mo’City, J-Lamo, Tajh Virgil, Nailah, Dae Flywalker, Von Alexander, GQ Scotty, Rea Marcel, Renz Young and Tye Motives while DJ Kenz produced each track. It’s an emotional yet empowering gallery that invokes intense reflection of everything folks have fought for in the streets since the May uprisings. Black Lives Matter and All Power to the People!

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