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AUDIO: Mudy – “Land”

Hip hop/R&B artist Mudy has her long-awaited sophomore EP out. She struggles with the expectations constantly put on her, and this body of work finds her listening to her own heartbeat. She touches on keeping people guessing what she’s up to while also remaining out of reach from those on games with her. At this point in both her personal

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AUDIO: Camb – “Everything Must Go”

Hip hop artist Camb finally has his long-awaited album “Everything Must Go” out today. Spanning eighteen tracks, the eclectic rapper-singer is putting the energy he needs out into the world while leaving the toxic bullshit permanently behind. He touches on every aspect; what he needs for his career, in a woman, and out of his friends. One of the most

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AUDIO: Tru West – “From the Ashes, We Rise”

Tru West has crafted a new album as part of her Artist Fellowship with Leaders Igniting Transformation. Each track features different verses from different artists in Milwaukee’s enriched hip hop scene. Opening with a poem from Unique Russ, the project as a whole celebrates Black joy, Black liberation, Black culture, and Black self-determination – songs like “Bronzeville” and “Liberation Over

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AUDIO: Tru West FT. Mudy – “Out the Way”

R&B singer-songwriter Tru West teamed up with hip hop artist Mudy for a new joint this week. It’s about knowing your worth and being too good to get played by someone; if you mess with either of them, you’re only playing yourself because you’ll end up coming back and they’ll do okay without you. Or, you can be a real

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